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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Are you UP...for a short term CHALLENGE?

How about joining others in our group to run the Oct. 11th Park City Pink Series 5K or Half Marathon?!!

Aaron Crosby, owner of UTAH RUN (a major sponsor of the PINK Series in Park City) just offered our group a sweet deal. Be Fit With Jolie clients will recieve a 25% discount. I realize this won't leave us much time to train, but even if you choose to do the 5K...it will be a blast! Chantel Adams (my new BE FIT ASSISTANT:) will be heading up some running groups for training between now and Oct. 11th. Yep...she's the one who can run a sub 7 minute mile...but is so great at being what is needed for the rest of us

FYI... The Pink Series was established for girl runners (sorry guys). The goal is to provide a womens retreat where women can run an awesome event, and party after. The pink series continues to grow each year. The pink Series is Utah's Largest womens only event, and race party.
This is a great opportunity for our group to once again support an important cause. Each year the pink series staff picks a charitable cause to donate to. The Charity they have chosen this year is The Image Reborn Foundation. Their mission is to provide no-cost healing retreats to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The focus is on encouraging women to reclaim their sense of personal power and to strengthen them in their journey toward healing on all levels and living fully.

Go To: http://thepinkseries.com/
Enter PROMO Code: befitandpink (to receive the 25% discount)
General Public - 5k cost: $39 (if you were to register now, after their late date August 15, 2014 on website)
Be Fit Group - 5k cost = $29.25
General Public - Half Marathon cost: $85 (after August 15, 2014 on website)
Be Fit Group - Half Marathon cost = $63.75

Hope you'll join us! EMAIL me at befitwithjolie@gmail.com if you would like to be included in our running group to train.

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