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Monday, November 15, 2010

COMMIT to BE FIT...even during the holidays!

Hi Everyone :)

Wow, it has been a LONG time since my last post. As I reflect upon reasons for the delay, my thoughts center on a deeply impactful event that occured this past month. A dear friend and fitness pro was hit by another driver in a tragic, weather related accident that claimed two lives. Fortunately, her three children and husband were not critically harmed, but the collision left her in critical condition. In fact, the neurosurgeon called in for this emergency, said he had never seen a spine so dislocated without rendering the patient paralyzed. He explained to her family that in this unprecidented case, it would be his job to attempt to set the vertebra back in place without causing such paralysis. My friend was then given medication that would allow her to be awake during the surgery, without memory of the pain. Unbelievably, she was able to guide the surgeon in his work and through a series of miracles, she walked out of the hospital with full functionality of her entire body.

I guess the other part of her story that so deeply touched me came the day after her accident. My family and I went to visit her and something she said has been on my mind since. She said she'd been thinking about all of the work we had done together to strengthen the muscles in her neck, back, and core - and suggested it may have helped save her life. I guess I have never quite thought about weight lifting as something that could literally save my life, but it sure makes sense now. We never know when we will need "muscle" to protect the most vital parts of our bodies...and if that day ever comes for me, I am determined to do all I can to be prepared.

That said, I want to draw a connection to the wonderful time of year that is upon us. I look forward to the holidays every year...but with all of the parties, and food, and family memories, and food, and busyness, and food...it is easy to forget why I must not allow it all to interfere with fitness. I encourage you to remember the words spoken by my dear friend...and choose to make your training a priority - even when you might have every excuse to take a "holiday break". The kind of training my friend spoke of wasn't periodic. It wasn't something she did when it was convenient. It was something she made time for...5-6 days each week. This kind of hard work follows the law of the harvest: we reap what we sow! If we choose to sow our "seeds" early enough in the cycle, and are willing to do the tedious work all along the way, the harvest will bless our lives! Likewise, our bodies will serve us well if we choose make the investment early and often!

I wish you all the most memorable holidays of your lives...partially because you chose not to be the one RE-committing to exercise on January 1st! Here's to a harvest of health and wellness so you can enjoy your lives and your families for a LONG, long time to come!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Loving Life!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm home from Maui...and to make a long story short, it was amazing! I had many opportunities to enjoy time with Greg as we took in the beauty all around us. In the midst of those precious moments, I experienced a mix of feelings - feelings of joy that I was still happily married to my soul mate and best friend - and feelings of trepidation, with my 50th birthday looming on the horizon. I couldn't help but reflect on how my life has evolved. I can honestly say I am grateful for the good times, and for the times I may have once considered "bad". I know now, that it is during the struggle that I can achieve the greatest growth toward the potential "me" I have experienced glimpses of every now and then. I also realize that growing older is a beautiful opportunity to take the wisdom we have painstakingly earned, and apply it as we face future challenges and continue to choose to grow. It is in that choice that we are blessed.

As I was filling out paperwork to begin a spa day Greg had arranged for my birthday, the receptionist asked if I was celebrating anything special. I replied that it was my 50th birthday - and she said, "How do you do it? You look at least 15 years younger than you are!" She took me by surprise - as I happened to be feeling at least 15 years older - probably due to my struggle to adjust to the time change. As I stumbled over my words to try to accept her compliment, I found myself saying..."I love my life, I guess." I haven't really ever spoken those words out loud to anyone before, but it felt so genuine. Later in the week I ran across a poem that would have better expressed the depth of my feelings in that moment...

Loving This Life...
Is about celebrating the moment
and that we're not guaranteed
or owed another day
and how cool it is that what we hide
can actually be the fuel towards our glory
and that it's not so bad being proven wrong.

Loving This Life...
Is about welcoming the blind turn
and the possibility that
there's no such thing as coincidence
and that empathy is incredibly beautiful
and that it's never too late
to pick up a guitar or a paintbrush
or to make an amend or to make a new friend.

Loving This Life...
Could be about rediscovering
the love of your life
or igniting
a new passion
or shape shifting
from a dreamer into a doer
or savoring the caress
of a love long gone.

Loving This Life...
Means whatever it is you want it to mean
because loving this life is a celebration
of you and your path, of the good and the bad,
of your choice to embrace all that is offered.
Loving This life...
Means never knowing how long we will be permitted to linger
but choosing to live in the moment anyway.

We have so much to celebrate! I look forward to the bright future we share in health and wellness...together.

See you soon as we resume our boot camp workouts on Monday and Wednesday @ 6 am and Saturday @ 7am at Lakeside Lodge!



Friday, July 2, 2010

Change Your Thoughts...Change Your Life!

Periodically, I will post prescriptions that might support you in your quest for change and life long fitness. Here's one of my favs by Jane Powell:

What you think and say determines your personal power!

Do you frequently hear yourself saying things like, “I can’t do that,” “It’s beyond me,” or, “I am not the person for this task?” If you express negativity often enough, your mind will believe it as truth. It becomes a self -fulfilling prophecy and the longer it goes on the more you will be driven by false beliefs. You’ll be left feeling powerless and out of control.

Stop this vicious cycle!

Take notice of your inner chatter and vow to transform the “can’ts” into “cans.” Your internal voice must support you and give you reason to believe in yourself. It must foster respect and drive your potential. You are a capable person, capable of endless possibilities.

Harness your negative thoughts today and make the transformation that destines you to greatness.

Enjoy your weekend...and celebrate change!


How About...Water Aerobics to Beat the Heat?

Hello All,

I'm still working on starting a Water Aerobics class on Fridays at 9:00 am. If you or someone you know is interested in this class, please reply to me at befitwithjolie@gmail.com and let me know. We will need at least 8 people registered in order to begin the class!

Thanks for your support! We keep growing and will add additional classes as the need becomes evident!


July 4th Holiday Weekend

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted you to know we WILL be having Fit for ALL on Saturday at 7 am, and Boot Camp on Monday, July 5th at 6 am. Come work out with us! You may need it before and after a weekend of BBQs with the fam!

See ya soon!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Just a few updates I would like you to be aware of. Some of you may have already received this information in an email - but I wanted to be sure it got to everyone! So here it is again :)

* We WILL NOT BE TEACHING FIT FOR ALL - our free group exercise class on THIS COMING SATURDAY ONLY, June 12th. We'd like to support the Saratoga Splash fun run that begins at 7:00. If you'd like more details, go to the blog at befitwithjolie.blogspot.com.

* SATURDAY, JUNE 19TH - Fit For All will be taught by Melissa Brown, a Pilates guest instructor. Look for the following Instructors & complimentary (free) classes on alternating Saturdays: Melissa (Pilates), Amara Doxy (Yoga) Brittany Rodriguez (Bands and Balls) Jaremy Hill (Yoga Stretch) & me (Core Control). I want to publicly thank these instructors for sharing their time and talents and for joining me in this important cause: to provide a stress relieving opportunity for our Saratoga Springs Community as we come together in the name of fun & fitness!

* FOUNDATIONS OF FITNESS CLASS (Mon/Wed 7:30 am class) is currently CANCELLED until further notice. I'd like to change this class to Water Aerobics at 8:30 on Fridays only for the rest of the summer if there is enough interest. Please let friends and family know about this opportunity to learn about the critical foundations of fitness that will support them in any workout. If you are interested in attending a Water Aerobics class on Fridays @ 9:00 am EMAIL ME AT befitwithjolie@gmail.com to sign up!

* BRING A FRIEND & ATTEND that class for free! Beginnng on Monday, June 14th, if you encourage a friend to register for classes and attend one with you, I will credit you for one free class on your punchcard! Thanks for helping me spread the word and get others to commit to Be Fit With Jolie.

That's all for now! See you at our next class together on MONDAY JUNE 14th @ 6 am :)

Yours in Health & Fitness!


No Class on Saturday June 12

Hi Friends,
There will be no class on Saturday June 12 because it is the Saratoga Splash 5k run at 7:00 am. I want to encourage community involvement so I hope many of you will be able to walk/run the race and support our amazing city!

Thanks! See you on Monday at 6:00 am for Boot Camp!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Fit For All - Saturday Class is Free!

Just a reminder that FIT FOR ALL is just that...a fitness class fit for everyone! It is free too! Bring a friend...but be sure you are registered on line. This would be a great time to get to know your neighbors as you walk or jog together to or from the Lodge. Get in a cardio work out before this Pilates based class...where you will enjoy a great core work out designed to increase flexibility and stability. It IS the foundation of fitness!

Please Bring:
Water...and a yoga mat or towel! That's it! (Stability balls and weights will not be needed for this class.)

If you are planning to walk or jog before class, you could drive to the Lodge, leave the mat in the car and leave from there. Just be sure to be in the studio five minutes before 7:00 AM so we can begin class on time!

Ignite The Fire!

Off to a Great Start!

Thanks to all who have made the commitment to Be Fit with me! We are off to a great start at Lakeside Lodge. I can't help but feel inspired by the view of the early morning sunrise and empowered by the energy you all bring to our classes. Not to mention, the added bonus of the two minute drive to get to the studio! I couldn't ask for a more perfect scenario.

As you plan your schedule to attend classes this week, I'd like you to keep a few things in mind to achieve maximum results:

* In order to realize improvements in strength and cardiovascular fitness, you will need to engage in moderate to intense exercise (30-60 minutes) at least 4 days per week. Three days will maintain your current fitness level. Four days will minimally improve your fitness level and five-six days will help you to achieve maximum results.

* Plan for one day of rest.

* Hydrate...consistently, throughout the day. Try to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces every day. Carry a water bottle and refill it as needed to achieve this goal.

* Be sure your shoes are in good condition. I try to replace my shoes at least every six months. Experience has taught me that they will break down on the inside long before they break down on the outside...and good foot support is the foundation of a good workout!

* Although cardiovascular AND strength training are both important components of fitness, when time restraints require you to choose - strength training is more important to include than cardio! Here is the reason why: As you build lean muscle mass, you will raise your metabolism and will in turn burn more calories throughout the day - even at rest! Although cardio exercise (running, biking, elliptical, etc.) most likely requires a higher caloric burn during the exercise, the burn stops when the exercise is over. Strength training will always promote an "after burn" - which will ultimately raise your metabolism and help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Finally, just a reminder that FIT FOR ALL (the ONLY Saturday class offered at 7:00 AM) is FREE and is intended to build community! Everyone is welcome - just be sure you are registered on line. Here's an idea: Get a group of friends together and walk or jog to class! FIT FOR ALL is a Pilates based work out designed to develop abdominal/core strength and flexibility - another critical component of fitness. This class will develop your core foundation of fitness, offer a good stretch...and some great company! Help me get the word out by inviting a friend to join you this week!

Best wishes this week as you begin to...IGNITE THE FIRE WITHIN!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet Jolie Hill

It has been my privilege to help others make a serious commitment to lifelong fitness for over twenty eight years. My experience has given me perspective on the trends and the truths of the fitness industry. Although many “fads” have come and gone, I firmly believe that physical fitness can improve the quality of life for anyone willing to make the commitment. I have enjoyed an affiliation with two reputable health & fitness organizations throughout a major portion of my career - Colorado Athletic Clubs for sixteen years and Gold’s Gym American Fork since 2002. I have been honored to teach and work with many other dedicated professionals in the industry, and have made a personal commitment to serve as a wellness strategist for many clients in my classes. For me, health and wellness in all aspects of life is not only a personal commitment, it is my passion!