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Friday, July 2, 2010

Change Your Thoughts...Change Your Life!

Periodically, I will post prescriptions that might support you in your quest for change and life long fitness. Here's one of my favs by Jane Powell:

What you think and say determines your personal power!

Do you frequently hear yourself saying things like, “I can’t do that,” “It’s beyond me,” or, “I am not the person for this task?” If you express negativity often enough, your mind will believe it as truth. It becomes a self -fulfilling prophecy and the longer it goes on the more you will be driven by false beliefs. You’ll be left feeling powerless and out of control.

Stop this vicious cycle!

Take notice of your inner chatter and vow to transform the “can’ts” into “cans.” Your internal voice must support you and give you reason to believe in yourself. It must foster respect and drive your potential. You are a capable person, capable of endless possibilities.

Harness your negative thoughts today and make the transformation that destines you to greatness.

Enjoy your weekend...and celebrate change!


1 comment:

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