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Thursday, May 8, 2014

AMAZING Challenge for Change Results!!

Twenty women from Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, Highland, Alpine and Orem, Utah accepted the fourth annual Be Fit with Jolie - 12 Week Challenge for Change and seventeen finished with our most amazing results yet!

Our High Point/Overall Winner, Tonette Roberts (67 years young) gained 10 pounds of muscle, lost 9.6 % body fat as measured at the BYU Bod Pod, (+/- 2 % research grade method of measuring body composition) and had a net loss of 16 pounds. She has also trimmed 4" off her hips and 4" off her waist. She was thrilled to share these results (even her age) because she wants others to know it is not only possible to get better as you age - it can be a reality if you are willing to try something new and follow it through!

Every ONE of our finishers lost at least 2% body fat, with the average being almost 5%. Our highest body fat percentage loss accomplished by Brittney McClellan at 9.9%. Our highest inches/dress sizes loss was Meg McInnes. Meg took 6"off waist and hips and dropped in clothing size from a 10 to a size 4! For some, being a "finisher" was enough to celebrate. For others, being willing to learn and apply new strategies in the face of their fear of failure was the ultimate success.

But I want to make an even more poignant point: These women SHOWED UP to work outs at 5:00 am, and some attended DAILY! And...they kept showing up for 12 weeks. They followed a weekly meal plan,  attended strategy sessions and participated in our sponsored 5k/10k race to benefit Westlake High School Marching Band. These are the results that came through hard work, courage, and even willingness to replace Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke with WATER! It wasn't easy...but ask any one of them and they will tell you it was more than worth it. Many discovered their true power and beauty within as their bodies reluctantly began to change. They began with a goal to have a life changing experience, and in the end...they are changing lives. 

Girls, you have truly ignited the fire within! Now it is time to do something significant with your results. The only thing left for me to say is...burn baby, burn!! And, that if I am still living in Utah in February 2015, there WILL BE ANOTHER Be Fit With Jolie CHALLENGE FOR CHANGE! :) 

A teacher can never truly teach unless she is learning herself. A lamp can never light another flame unless it continues to burn its own flame.
                                                                                                          Rabindranath Tragore Nobel Prize Laureate

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