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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Register here, NOW for the Commit to Be Fit Challenge!

Our Challenge Kick-Off presentation would be beneficial for EVERYONE! You are ALL invited to attend whether you choose join the challenge or not. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about nutrition and exercise principles for EVERY body (women AND men) designed to support you in your fitness goals for life.

Items can be purchased ala carte. For example, you could buy the nutrition plan or the Commit to Be Fit workout plan to implement on your own, without ever even attending a class! (However, attending classes will obviously help with accountability :) Supplements, protein powder and vanilla stevia will also be available for ala carte purchase.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet your Commit to Be Fit trainers, the Kristi Approved Team and Kathy Kinghorn - our own emotional wellness consultant!

Be sure to follow the links to REGISTER for the 12 week challenge and/or complimentary Saturday classes if you plan to join us for the work out. We will begin at Westlake High School at 6:30!

Westlake High School
99 N 200 W
Saratoga Springs, UT 84045-3134
(801) 610-8815

1 comment:

Heather said...

Hi everyone! Jolie asked me to share my story on her blog...so here it is! I started working out under Jolie's instruction back in November. I usually go to 4 classes per week. I ate the Kristi Approved food, which was yummy. It cuts out sugar, white flour, high sodium, and junk...while giving you an easy to follow plan. Jolie's encouragement and positive feedback has helped me, along with Kristi Approved nutrition, LOSE 30 lbs since November. I went from 32% bodyfat in November to 19% in March. Jolie has changed my life. I love to work out now, which I NEVER loved before. She keeps us working hard, but uses such variety, that our class flies by! I love you Jolie!!! xoxoxoxo