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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hi Everybody!
I am excited to share the details and new additions to our challenge this year. Here are a few details to guide you as you contemplate participating. If you still have questions, please feel free to post a comment.
  • First things first: I will be accepting the first 24 who register on the blog between 1/7 - 1/26. Since I don't have paypal set up on the blog... you will need to attend the Early Bird Event to finalize your registration. 
  • Early Bird Event: 1-26-13 @ Westlake High School 6:30 am. Come for our free community work out, get answers to any questions and pay for your PRE-REGISTERED spot in The Twelve Week Challenge.
  •  Accountability: 
  1. Accountability Partner: You'll need to find a partner who will support you in every aspect of the ENTIRE challenge. You'll need someone you can trust, who will be with you through thick & thin!
  2. Accountability Teams: You will be placed on a team of 6-8, with a past challenge participant as a mentor and facilitator. Each team will create a name and logo, and compete with other teams in our final Community Benefit Event.
  3. Focus Groups: You'll join with our entire group at a MANDITORY Monday 5 am training session (workout & plan for the week). If you are not an early bird, I can only suggest that you commit to be one for 12 weeks. It may (probably will) take some rearranging of the way you do your life - if you choose to make this commitment. You'll need the support of your family!
  • Support: Past Challenge results have inspired increased participation each year. In an attempt to continue to provide ample support for large groups, I have invited successful past challenge participants (Chantel Adams, Emily Hendrickson, Heather Johnson and Sharon Mardesitch) to serve as facilitators. However, I will continue to work CLOSELY with each of you in your quest! 
  • Base Fee: The base fee for participation is $199.00. If you register between 1/7 - 1/26 AND attend the Early Bird Event to pay for your spot, you will be eligible for the 10% discount...making the base fee $180.00.  The base fee is determined by the amount of time and resources I make available to all participants OUTSIDE of classes. Included is a Resource Binder, Weekly Workout Plans, Meal Plans, Meal Prep Parties, Focus Group Training, 4 Fuel the Flame (Inspiration) Sessions, Final Community Benefit, Retreat and Fit & Fab Awards Party.
  • Package Purchase Options:
  1. Trainer Challenge: If you would like to attend any classes, (other than the Monday Focus Group training included in the base fee) You will need to purchase Class Passes discounted for Challenge Participants only. You have the option of purchasing a monthly unlimited pass for $50 each month or a 20 pass for $70. You would receive daily training on each workout prescribed for the week.
  2. Personal Challenge: If you don't feel you need trainer support, and wish to complete the prescribed workouts on your own, you can pay the base fee only and benefit from the support described under Base Fee above.
Leave a comment if you have further questions! I look forward to sharing in your journey toward DEEP CHANGE and AMAZING RESULTS in 2013!



Karla said...

For inspiration or if you don't think you can do it... Check out my blog post, I'm not the same... at http://hayesutahgirls.blogspot.com/2013/01/im-not-same.html?m=1

Jena Peterson said...

Hi I would love a consultation or learn how to register. Is there a number I can call with more questions? Thanks, Jena Peterson

Jolie said...

Contact me at befitwithjolie@gmail.com and I will reply with any information you are in need re: the challenge. If you register under General Registration for "Complimentary Saturdays" (to attend my FREE community class at Westlake High School in Saratoga Springs) I will have your contact info and give you a call.
Hope to hear from you soon!