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Thursday, October 27, 2011

BE FIT News! Oct. 2011

Hi Again!

Just want to make you aware of some new updates to the BE FIT with Jolie routines/procedures:

Weekly Friday Posts on the Blog:
I have heard from some who have registered for FIT for ALL Saturday classes only, that you need an email or other ways feel you are in the loop of communication. Since some don't have text plans for their phones, I will post a weekly Friday update on the blog. It will include info about what to bring for Saturday class and BE FIT news including nutritional tips/recipies, workout suggestions & inspirational thoughts. All you'll need to do isSIGN UP TO BE A FOLLOWER. That way you will get the info only if you want it!

Saturday Classes:
I've just recieved word that Westlake is NOT available for indoor training until the Saturday AFTER THANKSGIVING! So...here is the plan: We will meet at Avondale at 7 for classes until then (Note - We will start at 7 at Avondale...not 7:30). STILL...bring sweats for outdoor training in case we need to go outside for part of the workout!

T/TH 5 am class BECOMES 5:30 am BOOTCAMP Beginning November 1st!!:
Due to Popular Demand...we are going to try something new on Tues/Thurs am to meet your needs even better. Personal Coaching with LIZ from 5-5:30 for up to 4 who sign up with her the night before. This will still cost one punch since it is designed to be focused on a small group. Liz will begin the large group class at 5:30 and it will now be BOOTCAMP!

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